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AskDrWiki is a web of related pages, wrtten by physicians, medical students, or other medical professionals. Anyone can add to AskDrWiki and you are encouraged to start editing immediately! Do not worry, editing is very easy. Simply read the introduction below and you will be ready to get started.

Understand How Wikitext Works

Click Here and Print as a Reference
Click Here and Print as a Reference

WikiText is the language that you must use to write in a Wiki. It not very different from the way you enter information into a Word Document but you must follow Six Simple Rules.

  1. You must organize your article into Sections and Subsection, so Ask Dr Wiki will automatically generate a table of contents.
    1. To make a Section Title, place two equal signs on each side of your section title, like ==Section Title==
    2. Using three equal signs creates a subsection, ===Subsection Title===
    3. Using four equal signs creates a smaller subsection ====Sub Sub Section Title====
    4. Don't skip levels, like from two to four equals signs.
  2. Create Lists. To do this start the line with a single star (*). To make a deeper level start the line with two stars (**)
  3. Create Numbered Lists. To start a list start the line with a number sign (#). To make a deeper level start the next line with two number signs (##)
  4. If you want to italicize a word you must put 2 apostrophes ('') on each side of the word, so when you enter a word such as Medications you would type ''Medications'' . To Bold a word you must put 3 apostrophes (''') on each side of the word, so it would look like '''Medications'''
  5. If you would like to create a link to another page in the wiki place double brackets, such as [[Create Link]] around the word you would like to serve as a link.
  6. Do Not Indent when you start a line or it will automatically place your line in a colored box,
I indented when I started this line so now it looks like this.
  • These are the Basics that you need to start an article, but as you become more experienced you may want to read WikiText for a more in depth explanation of what you can do if you learn some more WikiText Language. You can also see the table below for some examples.
  • There are two reference cards listed below, we recommend that you click on one of the reference cards and place it next to your computer.

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